The official name is McNally’s High Run Club, but most pool sharks and sports buffs living on the east side of Edmonton call this large neighborhood pub simply “The High Run”.

McNally's High Run Club is much bigger than you would suspect from the outside looking in, tucked as it is into the middle of an “L” shaped strip mall. With seating for 225 people, we are a bustling business every day of the week. We are one of the few sports bars on the east side, and one of the few in Edmonton that is open for breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner.

The High Run features Triple E and CPA (Canadian Pool Association) games so there is some action to watch every week and month of the year.

We offer a lot of entertainment value in one place, with 16 TVs including 5 Big Screens and all manners of sports being shown, including hockey, soccer and football. There’s people to see and things to do every hour of the day and evening at the High Run.